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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Fun Series for History For Your Children

I have a daughter who loves to read and lately has been interested in History.  This could be because we have received Carole P. Roman's If You Where Me and Lived in...The Middle Ages. We received this book free from Cheshire Inc. for our honest review.

Carole P. Roman has a whole series of If You Were Me and Lived In..... which you can find on Amazon here at Ms Roman's author page. (I will NOT be compensated for any sales you may make from this link.)

I had been looking for fun, historical books for my children to read, since I really want them to understand and learn History in a fun way this year. They are younger and History text books seem to be so Borrrrring even for me.  Let us make History fun as it should be.
This story follows a girl from the #MiddleAges, and how she and her family lived day to day life. The pictures are drawn like a cartoon, but are nicely done, faded colors.
My daughter loved reading about the clothing the family wears.
I like this book because though it tells a story from a land owner daughter view point, there is also detail of how peasants and upper nobles also lived.

You will also find a glossary of terms along with a page of pictures and descriptions of famous people of that time and place. These are great jumping off point to learn more about this time period.
This is a great book to give the general overview of that time period. If my children want to learn more in depth then we can then advance to more in depth history. I would recommend this to 6-9 year old children. My eight year old really enjoyed the story and learning what it would be like to be a child then. She is asking me for some more in this series.

You can find this book in printed or Kindle form on Amazon here.

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