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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Review: The Scissor Skills Sourcebook PLUS Giveaway

I want to Say a HUGE Thank You to Josiana Caron Santha, an occupational therapist from Quebec, Canada. She is also the author and founder of MadyMax PublicationsTo learn more about Josiana Caron Sanatha, visit her site here.

She gave me the colored PDF e-book English version to try with my children,in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 
For my French speaking fans there is a French version.  

Do you have a child that is ready for cutting with scissors? This a a wonderful book/workbook to be using either in classrooms or in a home school setting. The first part of the book deals with parts of the scissors, how to hold them properly, body positioning, along with activities and exercises to strengthen your child/ren gross and fine motor skills.

There are two sections to this book:

Section 1: Theory, Advice, Strategies and Tools

Professional knowledge, theory, fun exercises and activities, advice on what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and strategies for solving small problems. 
Includes: How to introduce a child to using scissors, cutting skills, development phases, gross motor activities, fine motor activities, hand dominance, finger position, and most of all, strategies for solving issues with scissor grip, hand position, changing direction, isolating elements, task management, and much more.  (From website)

Section 2: The Sequential Order Cutting Program
Includes 50 different multi-page cutting projects, categorized into four learning steps (1. straight lines, 2. geometric shapes, 3. curves and circles, 4. complex shapes), each available in 3 separate versions depending on the age and competency level of the child (for a total of almost 150 projects).  Multiple theme-based activities are provided with each project to keep the fun going. (from website)

I liked the fact that each project had three versions, we could work on the same project with multiple abilities, and I can keep the book for my lower level children. As they progress in abilities we can move up to harder levels of scissor skills.

My children have enjoyed this skills book and have shown fast progress in these skills.

I received this PDF e-book free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Here is Mr. I working on the Candy Bag Project.  He works on the version B of the projects. Once he gets, "A Little Bit of Glue Goes a Long Way" we will move on to the version C, where he gets to design his own page(I know that gluing has very little to do with cutting, but you usually glue what you cut and he I really wants to use and understand how liquid glue works.) I have older children working on these skills too, but the didn't want to be in the pictures.  They work with the version C. 

Since we are still working on cutting a straight line and turning the page, we review this concept before we go onto the project for the day.  Mr I always reminds me that "Mistakes are OK, I just have to keep practicing."

All my children love working with these project.  They are art and crafts, learning, brain and muscle building.  
I like the Scissor Skills Source Book as a parent and teacher by empowering me with basic scissor knowledge, tips, movement routines for my children to do to strengthen muscles. The project are simple, fun and engaging to all ability levels and ages of children. This isn't just a book for preschoolers, it can be used by children of any age with special needs (we love those children in this home) that need that extra help.

I have been allowed to share with all of you a free 4-project excerpt of this wonderful book. You can either click on the picture to the left of  Click Here 

You can buy the Scissor Skills Source book at the MadyMax Shop you will find pdf versions and hard copy version. Or or on printed version only.  (I am NOT being compensated for giving you the links or any purchases made.  This is just a service to you.) 


Josiana Caron Santha has gracefully offered to give one of my readers a PDF e-book, colored version of her Scissor Skills Source Book.  

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  1. I like that an occupational therapist wrote and put together this book. I can use it with multiple groups of children.