Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

We are all really excited here at my home. We will be starting to use the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. I hope you will join and enjoy our learning adventures with us. We will be blogging often so come back soon to see how we are growing and how we are learning about the world around us.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MGT - Reading and Math Learning

Mother Goose Time has plenty of opportunities for my students to learn reading and math. They go way beyond just learning the letters and numbers. My children  are actually learning sight words and simple addition and subtraction problems. Even better for me is that it's not a chore to teach them, they actually like to do this work and when it's put to games it makes it all the more better. I have 3, 4 & 5 year olds who can do addition and subtraction problems and I have watched kindergartners or first graders struggling with adding and subtracting.
I love how the writers of Mother Goose Time incorporate counting and reading into the activities for the day, it is not just another extra block of time.
For those children that need extra help or want extra challenging practice they can use More Math and More Literature.  

 Before we even read our I Can Read booklets we go through the pages and find then point out each of the three sight words.  This month they are: plays, look, it
We loved the Mouse day (me not so much, I hope I don't see one in the house)
Math with mice was a great game for the boys to play with.  Pretend we find mice eating our cheese, invite more mice to eat it and then count how many we have in all and then put the problem above the answer.  

This little one loves to be challenged just a bit more than the others and begs for more work.  This is where More Math and More Literature come into play.  In Math he is working on finishing the patterns, practicing writing numbers, matching the number to groups of objects, measuring objects, finding the objects that are the same shape; just to name a few of the activities found.  
In Literature he is drawing a picture and for him he dictates and I write still, some other activities found in the book are letter writing practice, beginning sounds, little story booklets.
I do keep all game pieces found in the books in baseball card holders. So much easier to find, they don't get lost and it is all together in one place. 

Mother Goose Time -- Journals

This year I have really tried to use the My Little Journals more than I have in the past.  This is one Mother Goose Time resource that I have let slide in the past, but now have really learned it's value in my student's education. 

Inside there are pages that go along with each concept that the children will be learning in the coming month.  As we learn we also reinforce the concept in our Little Journal with writing practice, art, and a sentence to do along with the picture that has been created.    

Then at the end of the month we have a nice keepsake to be taken home and showed off to mom and dad, or other family members. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

MGT - Tracks in the Snow

We had a fun day with Animal Tracks. We have tons of deep snow outside right now, but we brought some in instead. We picked out a few animal toys that we wanted to see making tracks and what they would look like. We tried a lion, kangaroo, crocodile, bear, dinosaur and even a car.  Mr E is having a great time in Free Time Play... continuing snow play.. Making Tracks.

We are working on being a Good A Sport and playing the tracks game proved fun yet a great learning opportunity.  Not everyone can win and we need to be kind to everyone playing.  No one like a sore loser and no one likes a winner who gets snobby.  We did play this game a few time just so everyone could win.  The boys were enjoying the game and act like the animals they spun.

Monday, December 21, 2015

MGT - Sights and Smells Indoors

This week for Mother Goose Time preschool we have worked on topics about Sight and Smells indoors.
One of the favorite was the Cookie topic day.
Since over this holiday season there have been plenty of cookie and other sugary treats so I opted to use the paper craft instead of making real sugar cookies, which was my original idea for this day.

For our cookie crafts we uses stickers and sprinkles (both which came with the day activity), paints and markers.

We punched out the cookie shapes put the friends together and decorated then placed them all onto our cookie plate.

 The boy who made this plate of cookies wants everyone to notice his chocolate chip face he made.

Sadly, after the cookie plate activity we didn't manage to do much more in the daily learning activities.  The boys set up a cookie store and was trying to sell the cookies to each others, was fun for them.  Sorry no pictures for this since I was busy helping with math skills with the money.

The topic of Mouse was another day we loved to learn about.  
Math of course was the favorite, getting our new I Can Read book was the next highlight today also.
Using the numbers of the month 7 & 8 we did addition problems with mice pictures, eating the cheese block. We then put the problem above the answer.

Friday, December 18, 2015

MGT - Sights and Sounds Outdoors

Hands on learning is the best type of learning, in my personal opinion.   This week we had some fun learning as we learned about the outdoors in the Wintertime.  What can we hear and see?  Let's find out.

Bells -  We got out canning jars and filled them all with different levels of water.  + spoons + little boys = noise for a good half hour.  We had fun, I should have gotten my husbands ear plugs though.

 Math was with real jingle bells and we took turns arranging them into groups of equal amounts and counting to see how many were in each group, how many groups, and how many left over.  Welcome to the concept of division. 

 Icicles - This was a science day and we had a blast.  We made icicles on our house for our craft project.  We did have issues with our paint glue ratio, and did have to add water. the eyedropper ended up being useless to us and instead we used paint brushes loaded with paint and let it drip off onto our paper.  Added glitter, Woohoo, instant messy fun.

 For Science -  we went ice fishing, and saw how water, vinegar, baking soda and  an ice cube react.
We had done the vinegar and baking soda before and knew the mess it makes.  This was cool to see not as big a reaction that we thought.

For the ice fishing we added salt to the water to get the cubes to stick to the ribbon.  Should have added more, since they would stick but not long. 

For Music we did a finger play and chanted "Five Little Icicles"  that came in the monthly  music cards.  This sent us into giggles watching each other struggle with moving fingers up and away. 

Dance 'N Beats = Excercise routine for us Adults

Dance 'N Beats from Mother Goose Time, has been the best thing for my children in preschool.  Not only does music teach concepts and make them stick in a child's mind. Music also helps their creative side, coordination, patterns, rhythm, tone, and we can't forget it is psychical activity.  We listen to the CD all the time and the boys love to move and sing along with it.  This month "M is for Mouse" is their favorite to sing along to.  I personally like "Flickering Flame"

For the past few months I have actually seen a decrease of this in my preschool boys, they want to "do Dance 'N Beats, but I just want to watch"  I play it at least twice a week hoping at least one song will get them up again.  Well, don't want to waste electricity so, knowing that i want to lose weight, get more active and be healthy, I found a solution.  Yes, I do this myself with all the preschool boys watching, maybe they will join me again soon....

I dance to the songs, following along with the movements... I let the DVD play all and it is a work out for me.  whoooo.  I feel better afterwards though and we move right along to the next activity in preschool.
Ignore the mess please....This is NOT me, I wish, but both of these awesome subject found it a great workout too ....

Friday, December 11, 2015

MGT - Sights and Sounds Of Winter

The Orchestra 

I love the Mother Goose Time daily theme posters this month, they have are realistic, simple pictures. When we start the day I show the Daily Theme poster to the children and ask them what they think we will be learning about today.  We then discuss what we know already.  

   At first I was unsure how the boys would take to this weeks theme.  The Boys loved the music theme and had a great time.  We played the "drums." This was the favorite day of the whole week.

For Woodwinds, we practiced our breathing control and color recognition. 

Strings: We made Violin props and pretended to play a song.  We  also practiced number recognition with a box guitar.

This was a great exercise in hearing the difference in the sounds of the rubber bands.  We felt the vibrations along the sides of the box and talk about how sound vibrations help make the sounds we hear. 
The Orchestra Match up.  Once all the instruments were found and matched we tried to put them in order of were we would find them in a real orchestra.