Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

We are all really excited here at my home. We will be starting to use the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. I hope you will join and enjoy our learning adventures with us. We will be blogging often so come back soon to see how we are growing and how we are learning about the world around us.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Trains have always been part of my life when I was growing up. That is just the way we got around. Living somewhere that's more open and spread out my children don't get the opportunity to ride trains, subways and trams.
We do get to see freight trains a lot though running through town. And of course the children get all excited about that.
One of our favorite MGT daily unit this week was TRAINS. 

We went to the library and found this book: Trains by Elisha Cooper.  We read it today and learn about all the different types of trains there are... Freight, passenger, overnight, commuter trains after we read be talk about how each are the same and how they are different.  We act out different trains and their speeds.  Sorry about the blurry pictures, I was having a hard time with the action shot. 
  Numbers are an activity we do like to do, so we were having fun with the trains and practiced writing the number with the train. 
This was a fun activity, what made it funny for me was this child's reaction to it.  Recognizing letters, Mr.I is having a hard time when it comes to recognizing letters and their sounds.  It needs to be done though.  This is his expression when I tell him what we are doing.....  put does the activity anyway. 
After the activity is done, this is his expression... Oh Mr. I 

Transportation: Buses

This week was a great week for the boys.  They enjoyed imagine play.

We had a fun day in school today talking about buses. If you don't mind my child's nutella smeared face in the pictures. I was wondering how today was going to go because he wasn't in the best of moods, but he quickly changed once we started the activities. I changed the activities a little bit because it is only him.

The first activity, was "Don't miss the Bus". You are suppose to roll a die and match it with a bus card. Instead I just had him playing a matching game, which he LOVES. When he got a match he also use the bus counters to count out that number. After we made all the matches he grouped the bus counters by color.

The next game we played was "Bus Stop". I place four cups taped with a Bus shape card, around the room. Eldon then picked a ticket from a bowel and then went to the corresponding Bus Stop to catch the bus by placing his ticket and a dollar in the cup. I was only going to have him do this a few times, but he was having so much fun, he played until all the tickets were used.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Subway

Today we talked about Subways. We started by talking about how trains and subways are the same and how they are different. It has been a while since we have ridden on a subway, but Mr. E remembered that they are mostly in tunnels. We did a few fun activities today. One was a subway race, where we rolled a letter cube with C W and T, and then wrote the letter on the sheet. Mr. E was rooting for 'C' to win, but 'w'  won instead. 

Writing our letters is something we continually have to work on, I like how Mother Goose Time lessons always have a few guides to trace, and then you try it on your own. It is always good practice to learn the motions to write a letter or number before the boys do it on their own. 


We also did Dancing Beats today to the song Rumble Bumble. Knowing Mr. E's personality he wouldn't do the dance moves at all, but when the song ended, he was singing words from it. Which is how he is. His little sister enjoyed it. She likes to move and groove though.
We also made a subway of a tube roll on some yarn to show how it moves back and forth on the tracks in the tunnels. Mr. E was tired of pictures and wouldn't let me take any.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On the Go - Taxi

We love the More Math workbooks put out by Mother Goose Time with their monthly curriculum. 

For our Taxi day, E did a challenge page in his math book. It was a color by number page, but instead it had dots representing the corresponding number. I was going to count the dots for each color, however E counted in his head and told me the amount in his own. I was very impressed that he can do this, because this is something to be expected by the end of kindergarten, to be able to recognize groupings of numbers without having to count it out loud. I am grateful that there challenge pages in the Mother Goose Math, because it jumps starts what E will be learning next year.

Friday, November 13, 2015

MGT: On the Go -- Walking and Bike Riding

We can be our own transportation.  We can use our feet and if you have a bike then you have transportation.
 One of my favorite thing about Mother Goose Time is I am free to  use  the curriculum in way that is best for our preschool child(ren). For the day that we talked about bikes we went outside for a bike ride. before we went we went over the different parts of our bike. tires change handlebars seat and breaks. we also checked our tire pressure and our chain make sure it was functioning properly. Lastly, we put on the most important  piece of equipment for bike riding our helmet. after a very enlightening, imaginative discussion about helmets and why we need them.  We are ready to ride.

For the day we talked about our "FOOT" we decided to take a walk around our neighborhood. We make sure our shoes were tied or Velcro. (lost our picture of our shoe craft) We also practiced on the different ways we can move hopping, skipping, jumping, walking, running. We went outside and went over the rules of the road.
  • Stay on the sidewalk holding hands and no horse playing.
  • When we get to a street we have to stop,  wait for everyone to catch up.   
  • Stay back from the corner and look both ways ( left right left then again as we are crossing),  
  • We need to wait for our trusted adult to say we can cross.
  • We need to walk  not run, across the street.
Our destination is our local tot lot and follow the sidewalk all the way there. We had a great time practicing the rules of being a good pedestrian.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MGT: ON THE GO --Alphabet with trucks

This little boy LOVES trucks and cars... he is struggling with letters and letter sounds.  We keep practicing though.

Today we are able to combine our weakness and our strengths. After making our trucks in arts and crafts we played the delivery truck game. Each month Mother Goose Time has the children focus on three letters, this month the focus letters are C - T - W.  I put the alphabet cards in the back of the boy's trucks, that he made in arts and crafts. They pick one from the back and delivered them to the house where they belonged. Repeat with each child, after all the deliveries were made we turned over the cards and practiced the letter sounds. This was a great activity for all the children, they were having fun and learning at the same time and seemed to grasp the concept of the letters and the sounds for this month.

Friday, November 6, 2015

MGT - Bridges and Engineering

My boys in preschool love to build and design building, cars, tunnels, forts, what their heart desires.  Today we talked about Bridges and we had a blast building all types of bridges.  We did have to experiment to see which ones were the strongest. This was a great day since most was down with our blocks and building center items.
1st bridge we made - Plank Bridge: not strong until the boys added blocks under the middle part.  
 2nd Bridge atempt - The Pillar Bridge was stronger than the plank bridge but still fell down after 5 planes and trains landed on it.  

Our last attempt was the arch bridge.  This was really cool and the boys were so excited when they were landing planes and trains and it was still standing.  I think the top number was 8.  


On the Go

As you can imagine a pre-school for boys this month's theme is a huge hit. It's only been a week but they're already excited that they get to play with cars trains planes in any other form of transportation. This week we learned about roads, traffic signs, maps, service stations, and bridges. 
I think out of the whole week the boys really enjoyed the day we studied maps. We looked at world maps , country maps, state maps, and we created our own neighborhood map on r4 we then got out our cars and played like we were going to go to the different places around us.  Every time we went driving misteri was on the lookout for all the different science you can find. Along with tell me what trucks and cars he's going to have when he's older .  we can't wait until next week.