Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

We are all really excited here at my home. We will be starting to use the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. I hope you will join and enjoy our learning adventures with us. We will be blogging often so come back soon to see how we are growing and how we are learning about the world around us.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

MGT Friends and Feelings: Talking With Friends

This is our last week of Mother Goose Time: Friends and Feelings theme.  I always have a hard time at the end of the month.  We all had fun learning about Feelings and what makes a good Friend.  Now it is time to start a new monthly theme.
This week we learned all about the different ways we can communicate with friends.   Our favorite days where the computer and phone. Oh boy, did the children have fun on those days.

My family is all over the country so the only way my children communicate is through phone, video calling, mail and email.   We do get to travel every few years, but that is so not enough.  This was a fun week to remind the children that communication is important and listening is the best thing we can sometimes do.

For Math we practiced counting and mating die faces.  Then traced the pre-writing lines.  The greater than shape won the race.  Yes, everything is a race with Mr. I .

This little guy loves computers and has master using our home computer.  Here he is counting objects and finding the number on the key pad.   We also practiced letter recognition.  This was a great activity for Mr. I he was playing until I had to run errands. 

This was another multi-skill day.  Our phone was a great number nonrecognition game, phone etiquette and  taking turns. 

After we made the phones the boys pretended to call each other and talk about anything that came to their mind.  This lasted all through preschool.  I have found if an activity is being used my the children and they are learning from it I usually let it run it's course before moving on to the next daily activity.  Sometimes we only get through one or two activities. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

MGT: Friends and Feelings - Postcards

Mother Goose time has a new theme every month, and daily topics that talk about that theme.
In the 4th week the children will write a postcard to someone they know about what they have learned and remember from the past month.  As a parent and teacher this is a great way to determine what the child understood. 

This little boy wrote a note to his aunt, whom he loves to play with, that he was looking forward to her coming and playing with him on the weekend.  He also designed and drew his own stamp to put on the postcard.

MGT Friends and Feelings - Keys to Friendship

 This week for our Mother Goose Time preschool we are learning about the Keys to Friendship.
This is a weekly topic that we continue throughout the year and to a specific lessons about each topic has been a great experience for the children. 
We each have may people that care about and take care of us and we care and take care of them.  
Sometimes they make mistakes and sometime we make mistakes but we grow, learn and  work together in correcting those mistakes.  We can say I am Sorry.  
When others get sick we can make cards or visit (depending what it is). We want to care about others.  
You know a funny thing I have found out about young children is yes, they are very egocentric beings, but  they have huge compassionate hearts too. 

When we help each other and are kind to other we get a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts.
Our actions can effect ourselves and others around us.  Here we practiced drawing faces for different emotions.  Using the Vocabulary Cards I would call out emotions, the children would draw what they thought the emotion would look like and we would compare the drawing, their picture, and then our own facial expression. 

This year I took the Vocabulary Cards and Concept Cards from the daily themes and put the all on rings that the children can refer to through out the year.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Friends and Feeling Music and Movement


Here is a couple children moving and dancing to the song Make New Friends.  Sorry for the blurriness.
This month was a weird one for the children.  Usually, they love to dance along with the songs and participate in the activities that go with the Dance N' Beats DVD.  This month they didn't want to do anything to do with the DVD or the book that comes with it. They did however sing along with the CD that comes in the Monthly Teacher Set, songs as we played them by the end of the month they were singing the songs anytime they wanted.  I had some singing the songs in stores as we were shopping. 
Favorite songs This month was My Favorite Things and We Are All Special.  Both had great lessons on acceptance of other and self.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

MGT Curriculum Extra Add Ons

This year I have a couple children that can work on a bit higher level than the other children and have now started to work in the Mother Goose Time  More Math and More Literature.   This has been a huge benefit to these two boys.  They enjoy and feel like they have accomplished a great feat when they complete a lesson.
 Some exercises are more challenging for them, but they persevere and finish it, after that they are done scholastically, at least for 5 minutes.  They just take a brain break and then jump in and follow along with the rest of the activities.

There are activities that have the children cutting and pasting or cutting and using them to measure or play a game with.  These are the pieces that we are always losing, and then the boys get upset about.  After some experimentation I found a great solution for this problem (at least for most of the pieces). Welcome the baseball card holder.  I then put the workbooks and the pieces in a plastic three pronged folder.  (just like the paper pocket folders with the middle prongs, just made of plastic)
 Some of his favorite pages this week
In the More Math we had fun grouping the shapes my color then by shape. 

In More Literature we worked on writing, sounding out, and finding the Letters P - F -  K


Saturday, September 12, 2015

MGT Monthly Focus: Child Development

Week 2 - Social Relationships

This week was a short week for us so I will be pulling examples from the past few weeks for this.

Since I have a smaller group preschooler, we can work on sharing relationship lessons easier then if we had a larger group. Well, sort of.

As we play games this was a perfect time for me to see how the children are getting along and how they are progressing in their social development.   The Story Book of the Month is
We loved this book, because it is about an elephant who is stuck in a tree and his friends come up with solutions to get him down.  These solutions don't work by them selves, but when the children work together and solution is found and the elephant is rescued.  
When playing this game, that goes along with the above story (sorry it is on the side but I couldn't turn it):
I had a boy break down because he couldn't have the friend piece that he wanted.  An other child claimed it first. 
I asked him " How many times do we play these games?
He answered "100"  (Ok that is an exaggeration on his part.  We do usually play the games over and over again just because the children like them.  For me there is no time constraints for the activities, if the children like an activity we stay with it until they get tired of it, if they don't we finish up and move to the next.)
I then asked "So what could happen with the pieces the next time we play?"
Boy thought then answered, "We can trade."

Feelings were calmed and a solution was found.

That is exactly what we do to. 

For the month I have been trying to get he children to come up with their own solutions to problems that come up.  They are more confidant in their decisions and about their capabilities when they do.

Friday, September 11, 2015

MGT Week Wrap Up: Friends and Feelings

This week was full of missed preschool days, holiday, auto shop, children emotional off-days, and The house is a Mess Day and really need TLC (wait that is every day) and one catch all day.

This week we learned about FEELINGS.  Since I have boys this year in preschool, we focused on how to recognize our feelings, and that it is OK to feel sad, mad, happy, excited and surprised.  I feel to many of us repress our boy's feelings and that is wrong.  They need a chance to actually have  feelings, recognize, talk or draw, act out, and work through their feelings like any other person.

We practiced body language and what each feeling looks and feels like.  How we can work through our sad and mad feelings, without hurting each other, and being a good friend.

Game Time:  I love the Mother Goose Time dice they send for games, colorful, cute, simple and to the point.  I also like how they put words and pictures on they sides. Helps my students recognize words.

We had paper dice, one with feelings and the other with animals.
At first we just used the one feeling die and rolled and acted out that feeling, then.....
We played Animal Feelings.  One boy rolled the feeling die and another rolled the animal, they then needed to show what that animal looks and sounds like.  That was a fun one for them, It kept going and going and going, but if it works let them play. Right.

My Silly Boys 

   We were having fun putting polka-dots on the clown face, they laughed the whole time.  They made silly music with what they called their Maraca Clowns.

Journal Time:
 This was perfect too start a conversation about when we feel certain feelings.  Mr I loves to draw so this was a great activity for him.  "I am happy when my friends share their toys."  (That is a monster truck and two boys playing with it. )  This was a great time to talk about frustration too.  Mr. I was having a hard time drawing a truck "I can't do it"
Me "What shapes do you see in a monster truck, draw those"
Mr I " Look, I drew circles and a rectangle"
Me "Yeah, you drew a monster truck"

Oh the face on that boy was priceless.

We had our "F" foxes still, "Feelings starts with ffffff" (OK, can you tell I am getting excited about how well they are putting things together now)  Of course, once we brought out our "F" foxes that started a whole new song......."What Does a Fox say?"  (I lost them for a time, and gave up and found a youtube video for them to dance along with)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Monthly Focus: Child Development

Week 1: Self Concept
  • How did you see your children identifying and managing his emotions this week while doing a specific Mother Goose Time activity or project?
Answer: My children that I work with are the youngest/or next to youngest children  in their families.  Not that it makes a difference, but I find that family placement does make a difference in the child's tolerance at work.   My boys are clowns and like to play around, they like to be very silly.  When it comes to work they get very frustrated with me though because I urge them to work out their problem and keep trying, Don't Give Up. 
I think to often sibling and parents jump in to soon to rescue, when we should step back and encourage but let the child go through the process of working, learning, and overcoming.

When we play games this is very evident, of course each wants to win, but getting frustrated and mad at everyone is OK, but lashing out is NOT.  I have found that we need to play games or activities over and over just do the children each can experience triumph, and disappointment and how we need to be good sports.    

Friday, September 4, 2015

MGT - Friends and Me

This first week of September for the Mother Goose Time we learned all about how we are each different and special and having friends.

We made My Friend puppets:  The kids called them Rock Star Friends, since the feathers we used for the hair are all different colors.  We decorated clothes with our favorite colors and characters.  

We are practicing our name writing.  We don't have the same name, but we do have to practice writing our names and they have letters in them.  We also can find our name in a group of names. YEAH.  (At least they look for the correct first letter)

Play doe time - So this was an activity that was a flop for us.  We were learning how to talk and communicate with our friends.  We LOVE to play with play doe so we are practicing letter formation with the word "Hello."  Ended up just making stuff.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MGT Focus Topic: Environments

Intentional Materials
Question: Which Mother Goose Time included material(s) do you find is most helpful for inspiring the mind and curiosity of your children?

Answer:  This is a hard one to answer.  My preschoolers like the craft items, the cds and dvds  for dancing and singing,  the More Math and More Literature, the monthly manipulative used for many days lessons, but I think our #1 favorite included item in the Mother Goose Time materials has to be the science experiments.  My preschools love them, we spend most of the day playing and experimenting.

If the experiment has to do with water so much the better.  We have planted seeds and watched them grow, built ships then sunk them with coins, seen what floats and what doesn't, separating colors, seen how much water a tree leave collects, and used pebbles to move water up in a glass.  Science is hands on, making guesses and seeing what happens.  It is a jumping off point to more exploration around the child. 

What if.....  we love that