Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

We are all really excited here at my home. We will be starting to use the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. I hope you will join and enjoy our learning adventures with us. We will be blogging often so come back soon to see how we are growing and how we are learning about the world around us.

Friday, July 31, 2015

MTG Monthly Focus - Professionalism

4th Week - Finances. 

My family is not a financial well-off family so everything I buy has to fall into our budget.  I really watch the price tags.  If I can make something cheaper, I will, if I can buy it cheaper somewhere else, I will.   When it it come to preschool, I started off with the basics, most to be honest, came from the Dollar Store or the $1-$3 bins at Target, also don't forget the "week after school starts" sales.  Score!!

When it came to printed materials that was another ballgame.  When I first started doing preschool,  I was making up my own curriculum as I was going. There are literally tons of free printables out there. Which I do still use with my children, now I can be more focused on what I am giving them.  My problem was finding the right one to fit my children's needs.  I found I was spending too much printing things off.  This included practice worksheets (names, letters, numbers, etc), craft ideas, coloring pages, story and song pages.  It was out of control.  

Not only that but I also make sure that the children in my care have a healthy snack every day, which I provide.

I had found Mother Goose Time about 3 years ago doing an online search.  As I was researching what they provide I was amazed at how will everything was laid out and how much they provide the teachers, in order to give the children a great "love of learning" education.  Also, not many preschool curriculums I had found had science and I love science.  It was hard though, because of the price tag, for me, I just couldn't afford it.  

After a year of time filled searching and finding my own materials and adding that price tag together I was spending more than if I went with Mother Goose Time.  Plus, I was spending far to much time searching the web for what I need, there was other important things that needed to be done instead.  

 I communicate with my parents right up front what curriculum I am using and my monthly fee is set by that. I also email them about supplies I will be providing for their children.  Most of the parents I am friends with so I talk to them all the time about what I found and where.  If there are special activities, like a party, emails and notes go home .  I try to be very transparent about finances I use in my preschool, that way parents know I am using the monthly fee toward their children.  

Mother Goose Time helps me use money for an outstanding curriculum that the children enjoy and have looked forward preschool days.  They go home with a craft or activity eager to share what they have learned with their family. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dirt - The Best thing in the World

This week we learned the importance of dirt in the orchard.  Now with my boys dirt is a great play thing also.  We had a great time this week.  Today was one of those days for myself and boys, not exactly a bad day just a Blah day.  But it was a day about DIRT. 

Here Mr E is practicing writing letters and drawing pictures in the dirt. 

For Math and Science we Of course had to make mud  we measured dirt out in to a pan, then added water one cup at a time.  Stir and keep adding water until the mud was to the children satisfaction. 


This was basically the end of all other activities once the mud was made that was it.

Friday, July 24, 2015

MGT Nature Detectives - Water

Week Three of Mother Goose Time's Nature Detectives we are learning all about water.  As you may have gathered we LOVE the science in all of learning.  We love to experiment and try new things.  We gathered different containers in all sizes and shapes. We filled up a small paper cup with water then counted how many cups it took to fill up the containers.  Then measured how deep the water was and compared which containers help more or less water.

  Time for some exercise:  We pretended to jump into puddles outside and of course we needed to make sure we were jump as far as our little legs would let us.  This took us about 2 jumps.  Activities like this combined with a beautiful day means that this will be done over and over again.  Get those bodies moving. 

Since we have been going all over the place for out summer vacation, of course we had to put in a shot of us playing with the biggest water puddle of all.  THE OCEAN.   We were able to go to both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean this year and play in the water, dig in the sand and water the power of water in moth ion.  It was AWESOME.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Nature Detectives: Air

For the Second week of our Mother Goose Time Nature Detectives we are studying air.  We all love air don't we?  Now we can see how necessary it is for us and how fun it can be to play with.
This week we spent most of it outdoors. 
We breathed in the air and discovered what it spelt like, felt like, and sounded like.
"It smells... fresh and clean, I can spell grandpa cutting wood"
"I can feel the breeze, the air feels light"
"I can hear birds and crickets... grandma just started the mower"

 We made paper balloons and then experimented with flying them.  The best part was putting them in front of a fan and watching fly like a kite.  
"Mommy we can't fly in the air, only birds and bugs can fly.... well, we can fly if we are in a plane or a balloon or helicopter"

We can make air with our mouth.  Here we are experimenting with blowing things across the table.  somethings are easy and somethings took a ton of air. 

We made flyers out of paper plates, and we also have a parachutes so we stayed outside today and just played with our flyers, practicing throwing them so they would fly, and the parachute.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MGT Monthly Focus - Professionalism

Week 2 - Professionalism and Learning

As an ambassador for Mother Goose Time, I have really like having these monthly and weekly focus themes.  They make me think about what I am doing and how I can improve.  Hopefully they are helping others out there also.   Time for a Question and Answer time. With this weeks focus topic I decided to do more of a question answer post.   I try not to get to personal in my blog posts, but now is a time I will open up a bit to let you all in to what makes me ME.   
1. QUESTION: How do you continue to challenge yourself and grow as an educator?

ANSWER: Ok, so this is tough for me.  I HATE School, always have even as a kid.  I HATED going to school.   So what does this have to do with anything you ask?  Well, most people view school as the only way to gain an education.
I love to read, I read everything.
Doing new things also helps me continue to improve myself.  Wither it be a fix-it job, craft or sewing, cooking, a new activity of some sort.  If I see a class I am interested in I will attend (if in reasonable price range).
I also do my own research on the topics I will be discussing with my preschool children and work that my older children need to do for their school work.
2. QUESTION: How does using Mother Goose Time curriculum help you learn and try new things?

ANSWER: I love the monthly themes, they make the month more fun.  I like looking up more on the monthly themes just for my own research.  It is fun looking online to see what else fascinating I can find.  Or go pick up a few books from the library that I can read to my children.  Every day there is an activity that goes along with the daily lesson.  It is fun doing the activities with the children during this time. 
QUESTION: What training, accreditation or programs have you participated in that have also been helpful?

ANSWER: I am A MOTHER....  OK so you want to more on why I think I am qualified to teach preschool?  I have 5 siblings younger than myself, that I helped my own mom with.  I worked at an public elementary school for 3 years, until I had my first baby.  I have taught that age group in my church's primary origination.  Cub Scout Leader.  Have I mentioned I am a mother that wants the best education for my children that I can find. 
QUESTION: Any book recommendations?

ANSWER:Not at this time.  I love Montessori and am reading "The Absorbent Mind" at the moment

Saturday, July 11, 2015

MGT - Nature Detectives: Trees

** Lots of Pictures for this week**

This first week of Mother's Goose Time: Nature Detectives has been an outdoor, fun filled week.
We have been on vacation for all of this summer, visiting family, seeing new nature environments

We are learned all about TREES, using Math, Writing and Art.

Here we are looking in the trees at grandma and grandpa's yard looking to see who we can find living in their tress.  We found bees, ants, beetles, and a butterfly. 
 One animal that we learned about that lives in trees is a Koala Bear.  We think they are cute.

 We love watching the birds come into the yard so we had fun making bird feeders, and hanging them in the trees for the birds to eat.
Nature Hikes are one of my families favorite exploration activity we went on a Nature Hike in Alabama at Sky Lake in Huntsville.  We saw all types of trees and plant life.  The trees were all different shapes and sizes.  Some where tall and skinny and some were big and fat.  The funniest named tree that was saw was the:

 Seriously, there was a tree named that Farkleberry, this is what it looks like, it is really tall so we couldn't get the top without falling into the lake

Me and my grandpa
 Here is me in the best place on all the hike, it is an outdoor school room.  I wish my mom could make one of these in our yard so we can learn outside.  There were bird house all around the area, and wooden lounge chairs on the out side of the wooden benches.  "Mom, this is the type of school I want to go to."

Art Project:  We made a tree by using masking tape and placing it on a piece of heavy paper. Then Mr. I (Mr Independent) used three different colors and three types or painting sponges to blot paint all over the page.

Here is a different version a cousin did.  He used nature items and painted around his name, with those items