Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

We are all really excited here at my home. We will be starting to use the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. I hope you will join and enjoy our learning adventures with us. We will be blogging often so come back soon to see how we are growing and how we are learning about the world around us.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Bitter Sweet Day

Today was the last day of preschool for us, at least for four of my children.  Summertime will be exciting for myself and my own children.  Yes, I will be including my older children in the next Mother Goose Time months theme...The Alphabet House. 

Sorry I don't have many pictures of this day.  I was helping the children preform and I haven't received any copies of pictures that were taken of the party.
We had a little graduation party and invited the families to come a see some of our art work, watch a puppet show and eat our vegetables from the garden we had been growing.

I saved some of the art work from the children and used it as decor for the party.  "Meadow of Poppies,"  The parts of a flower, and the Worm Art.

Entertainment:  For the Puppet show we used the story Jack and the Bean Stalked that we had been telling all month.
We preformed the dance "Watch Me Grow" from the Dance N' Beats
Told Jokes from the Lettuce Turnip the Beet! compiled and illustrated by Kelly Nogoski

For refreshments the children picked and washed carrots, lettuce, beets from the garden.  We also had an award ceremony, and pictures taken.  The children were so excited about today and looking forward to Kindergarten in the perspective schools. 

Here is myself and one of most lovely children that I taught in preschool this past year.

The awards I gave out came from Mama Goes Frugal,  (Click on the link and be taken to the certificate post). When I saw them they just spoke to me and I knew that they would be perfect for the children.  Best part was they were free, just had to pay for making the copies.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This month for Mother Goose Time has been a fascinating month for the children.  It was an easy month to apply in real life experience.  We had actually had a garden unit earlier on in the year, before I was approached by Mother Goose Time to become a blog ambassador.  I did like Mother Goose Time a bit better than my own creation unit. Each day focused on one item, so there was a deeper understanding. 

One thing that the children did learn and loved to watch was the growth of the garden that we planted.  Every day they would go out and watch the progress of the plant growth.
It wasn't until this month that were were able to harvest and eat some of our own grown food for snack time.   Yummy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Music.... Dancing..... Learning With Mother Goose Time

It is amazing how fast a child can sing along with a song and know all the words.  Even though songs on the radio that you listen too and you like but the words aren't that great.  Yeah,  they are the #1 song your child sings the most.

I have heard from parents on a number of different occasions that children can't learn ______  it will be over their heads or I can't teach ________ they CAN'T understand.

I beg to differ,  if you teach a lesson set to music and movement that lesson will stick (need to repeat it too).  Now I am not saying your 3-5 year old will be able to work a calculus problem, or know all the elements on the periodic table, or write a book. 

Basic fundamental concepts they do understand though.   I and my preschool children LOVE Dance N Beats from Mother Goose Time, as you have read in previous posts. 

Today, in our Growing Gardens we talked about Peas.  Music and Movement was a huge part of that.  One activity we did was make and sew pea pods, then colored cotton balls with green markers.  I then scattered the peas around the room.  With the song "Peas In the Pod" we listened and danced around, mostly to get wiggles out.  Then children listened to the song and when they HEARD, " jump in the pea pod"  they made a jump and reached down and picked up a pea and jumped it into the pod.  When the song ended we sat and counted how many peas we had.   Not only are we increasing motor skills but ideas can be taught at the same time.  Friendship in this case.  Most of us like to have and be around friends, we don't want to be left out.   How do we feel when we are left out? What can you do to make some feel loved and welcomed?

An other example was the sang "Watch Me Grow"  (one of the children favorite songs this month).  I have a couple of them that can't wait to grow up, it is very frustrating for them that they are small and younger.   This song was perfect for them.  It clicked with them that they will grow up but it will take some time.  Then they will get as old as I am and think (WOW, were did the time go!  I am not that old)

Monday, May 18, 2015


Today we had fun learning about worms using Mother Goose Time.  One, of the many things, I love about Mother Goose Time is that even though they have lesson plans laid and planned  out for you for the month, week and every day.  The Lesson can be taught in any order.  This has be the case this  month for us with the Growing Gardens monthly theme.

In the day lesson packet there were some plastic worms (the kind you use for fishing)  I was really mean and hid the worms in soil (which is part of the day lesson anyway) in a plastic box with a lid on it and laid it on the floor didn't say one word.
Once the children started to arrive they noticed the box and then saw the coloring page was on worms.  One of the little girls asked, "Is there worms in the box?"
"Yes, there are worms in the box."
"Are they real worms"
Yes, they are real worm"
"OOOHH GROSS!!! I have to touch real worms!!!!"
"It isn't that bad"

"Try to find one worm."

  This got all the boys excited...  They all hovered over the box looking, not touching.   "Come on, try it isn't that bad"  Finally, the girl that started the conversation dug in and pulled out a worm.   "Hey this aren't real worm!"
"Sure they are they are real plastic worms"    Oh, the look was classic.  She cocked her head, hands on hips and looked straight into my eyes (I was sitting on the ground with them)  and said "You aren't very funny"
"I know but I try"  

We then talked about worms, where they live, how they move and breath, how they help a garden.  After that we made worm art.. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mis-Ups are part of Learning

This past week has been a growing experience for both my preschool children and myself.  This week has been disappointing yet turned out great in the end.  Many of the activities we did with our Mother Goose Time Growing Gardening Unit.

First was our science experiment with the paper towels and glasses of water.  It was supposed to show how water flows up the roots into the stems, so that plants could drink....
Here was our first attempt... Click on the picture to go to that post.

Here is our second attempt.............. (Thank you Tracy for helping us with this.  I should have read the book closer)  
Notice the middle jar in EMPTY this time
 EUREKA We have it....  This was so much more exciting for the children to watch. 

2nd Mishap

Sorry there is no pictures for this explanation.  The children had planted grass seed and observed the growth over 2 weeks.  The week week chart they were supposed to use was way to short, at least for us.  We had 3 pots sprout and grass started to grow, as the children were observing this was a great test of patience for them.
One pot didn't grow at all, sad moment for the child.  We replanted and watered and took care and now they are happy to see one new sprout pop through.  Let me tell you,  ONE sprout has made all the difference in that child.

Lesson Learned

In Science, gardening and life things don't turn out they way you expect or wanted.  Keep trying, and go forward in faith.  Be patient and know that somethings just aren't meant to be, no matter how much we want it.    This was an easy lesson to teach preschoolers, since the experiments weren't important to life.... I am hoping that they remember this though, through life and maybe they can handle what is thrown at them. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Garden Learning With Music

During preschool there is always music going on in the background, wither it be the Mother Goose Time Circle Time (which is part of the Welcome Kit we get at the beginning of each year), Monthly Theme CD's or classical music.  I love music and always have it on. 

One of the first activities that my preschoolers do when they come in is color the daily page in their Coloring booklets that I made using the Coloring Pages found in the Member Resources on the main website.  I print these out back to back in booklet form using my printer settings.  Then fold in half and staple.  This gets the creative juices flowing and introduces the daily theme we will be talking about.
Today, I had the Monthly theme CD (Growing Gardens), I had two of the children dancing to "Watch Me Grow" and "Hot Potato" at the same time they were coloring.  Hilarious to watch
Just noticed that each of the children are on different pages.  We were going to talk about Carrots and Moles, but only got to Carrots. An other story with that.

In the Dance 'N Beats book this month there is a song, activity and dance for "Carrot Top Pop" (cd #6)

This activity was a great for review letters we have learned so far and learning to recognize letters and spell a word, "Carrot"
I made carrots using index cards, wrote "Carrot" twice then wrote other letters that the children need to keep learning.  "W" "M" "Y" "V" "A" and then fun ones "L" "X" "S" 

Once snack time was over I spread the index cards all over the living room floor, then played the song.  Which was home grown carrots we (preschool) planted in our garden back in February. 

 Each time the children heard "Pull Up" in the song they needed to pull up a card and take it to the bowl for carrot collection. 

When all the cards were collected and we finish dancing around we then gathered around the bowl and separated our good carrots from the bad carrots.  Good Carrots where the letters that spelt C- a-r-r-o-t, yes I used lowercase letters for them.  They had to give me the name and sound.

The songs that we use in preschool stick with the children, even songs that we learned in the beginning of the year they are still singing.  Go Memory!!!  Learning, I feel, is done best with music and moving. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Gardens Need Sun and Water

Today for Mather Goose Time Preschool we talked about how the Sun and Water are needed to make plants grow big, strong and healthy.

The same can be said for children and adults.  We also need water and sun to grow healthy and strong.  Along with other important things.

Today we experimented with how plants use their roots to drink up water and other nutrients to use for their growth.

 So this experiment was a flop, but the children loved watching the colors move up the paper towels, at least until it stopped half way up.

Plants need water and so do we.  We measured and poured out 8oz of water. then did this 8 times to see how much water we are supposed to drink a day

 YOU WANT US TO DRINK HOW MUCH WATER!!!!  Not all at once though, you have all day.
8 - 8oz cups of water
 We made water tracking sheets by drawing 8 circles on a piece of paper.  As the children drink their water they can color in a circle.  Sorry no pictures of these.