Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

We are all really excited here at my home. We will be starting to use the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. I hope you will join and enjoy our learning adventures with us. We will be blogging often so come back soon to see how we are growing and how we are learning about the world around us.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ocean Field Trip

Sadly,  this is the last week of the Mother Goose Time:  Ocean Commotion theme.  Today was our "wrap up, and finish everything that we didn't get to" day.  The children had so much fun learning about the ocean and living things found in the ocean. 

Yesterday, we were able to go to the  Sea Life Aquarium and see and touch some of the ocean animals we learned about. 

Yes, it was a little pricey for the size of the venue, (in our local mall), but so worth it when you heard the children gasp, oooh and aaah's, giggle and laugh at all the sea creatures they saw. 

I felt that since we don't get a chance very often to go to the ocean and see some of these cool creatures this would be a great learning day. 

 Look at me - sea sponges. 
 Two friends in front of baby cardinal fish and sea urchins

 Touch tank - sea stars... bumpy ; sea urchins... poky ; brine shrimp.. silly ; slipper lobster.... scary and  fuzzy?? and plants.
 Tide pool - sea stars, fish, hermit crabs, and every few minutes a wooosh of water that made all the children jump, but "WOW... that was soooo cool"

Some of the favorite's were the sharks, sea turtle, seahorse, "oh, oh, oh.... Teacher....Teacher.... come here we found a UNICORN FISH. Come on teacher...."    Wouldn't you know it my camera battery died after taking the first few pictures after arriving.  *Groan*

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MGT - Bonus Days - EARTH DAY

There is one thing (out of many) that I do like about the Mother Goose Time curriculum.  This is what it is...
That's right BONUS DAYS.  These are lessons for holidays that are celebrated in that month.  This month is Easter and Earth Day.   I am a person who LOVES Holidays and loves celebrating them with friends and family.  Wish my birthday was a National Holiday, Oh well, don't really want to be that famous anyway, but I am digressing.

The Easter bonus day, we didn't do, we were planning on it, but the regular day lesson went longer than planned.  The Earth day we were able to do parts of though.

The Bonus Day is set up just like any other day with Opening Circle time and then 4 activities for the children to do so they learn and understand the concept for that day. Then you end with the Closing Circle Time.

On Earth Day, we talked about Shipwrecks and this was a great lead in to Earth Day, Recycling, and taking care of the planet, including the oceans and our ocean friends.  

Under the first activity section "Earth Day Art" we were supposed to use markers, squirt bottles with water, and coffee filters.  Of course Morphy's Law came into effect that day and my coffee filters came up missing.    Thank goodness that on the pack page of the Bonus Day pamphlet was a "Recycling" coloring page.  I printed this out instead and the children colored and had just as much fun.  I have some very serious colorers too.  Have to remind mu children that it doesn't have to be perfect, just do your best and if you make a mistake that is OK.  

 I cut out the Recycle earth sign and traced and cut out our hand prints, glued the earth onto our hands and posed. 

 Luckily, were we live we do have an active recycling program so most of the children knew why and what we can recycle.  We discussed that some people throw trash in the ocean and this could hurt our ocean friends.  Reuse, Recycle, Re-purpose. 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ocean Commotion - Diving Into Fun

This past Friday we had a guest come into preschool.  A certified scuba diver, that I know, came to talk and show us about diving, and some of the equipment that is used.
The only things he didn't have were the oxygen tank, wet suit, and regulator, since he rents those on his diving trips.
Thank you Mr. Diver, we had a fun time learning with you. 

After trying on the flippers, mask, gloves and head warmer we made our own goggles with our Mother Goose Time craft of the day.

We also practiced moving fast and slow.  Since divers, when coming back up to the surface, have to move slowly so they don't get hurt or sick
 Here they are practicing their ascending and counting to 18 at the same time.   The children found that moving slow took more concentration and was hard work.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Movement with Seahorses

I love preschoolers.  They have such a sweet, innocence, and truthfulness to them.  We were learning about Seahorse today.

Thinking Question

Q (Me):  "What is the difference between a seahorse and a horse?"
A (students):
  •   "Seahorse live in water, horses live on land."
  •   "Horses have legs, seahorses have fins"
  •   " Seahorses have pouches" (this came from the youngest of them)
  •    "Seahorses have tails......."
Me:  "And..... Horses have tails, so what makes them different?"
Student: (totally straight faced and serious, with a slight attitude): "Teacher, seahorses can move and hold onto things with their tails.  Horses can't, they use their legs."

Well, that certainly put me in my place.  OK, so maybe it struck only me as funny, just wanted to share. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dancing with Sharks and Jellyfish

OK so the title was just a tad bit misleading, but I got you to read didn't I.  This week, using our  Mother Goose Time,  we have had fun learning about  large sea creatures.  Some of our favorite was whales, sharks and jellyfish.

As you know my preschools are active and movement is a must.  The Dance and Beats add-on has been a great support for me in this aspect.
Click here to learn more about the Dance and Movement Add-On for your curriculum

On the day we talked about sharks the boys in my class were the only ones here, they are more rambunctious than the girls in the class, and I think we had more fun, at least this day.... I had found a shark online (sorry, can't remember the site)  and printed it out, as the activity suggested.  We then had a discussion about how sharks hunt and the speed in which they would do so.  Perfect time to talk about "Sometimes you can be fast and have fun, but sometimes we need to be slow and calm down."
After our discussion I cut the picture up and the boys took one piece at a time and placed them around the room.  Then we started the music and they had to move ssssssllllllloooooowwww, to find the pieces, when they found one they had to move as fast (without running) back to the rug.   Moving slow for energetic children is really hard and they concentrated so hard on this, but fun to watch.

For the Jellyfish the activity book said to make a paper plate jelly fish, we decided to make jellyfish treat bits (peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies) today for snacks, so we were actually running out of time for the day.  We used the shower cap hats we made for the regular day activity. 
Side-note:  I measured an 8 inch piece of tape for each child to measure the ribbon and cut.  This proved very hard for them.  I had to help each one hold the ribbon while they cut.

I actually had another girl but she had to leave before the dancing part. 
Love the hats. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whales - Learning with Science

Whales is one of the big sea creatures that we will be learning about this week, using our Mother Goose Time.  
I love this month, it is full of all type of hands on science for the children and half the time they don't even know they are doing science.  This is my science.. Biology and Marine Life. 

One thing the children found fascinating learning about whales was that they breath just like us.  They have lungs, and have to go to the surface to breath.  This is the part that really got them though..., whales can hold their breath for anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on the whale, there have been report that record whale dives close to two hours. 

Science Time- How long can we hold our breath?
We all tried to hold our breath and the longest we got was 30 seconds.  We tried this three different times.  What we found--  
1) Each time we tried this we got a longer score than the try before.  More we practice better we get.  2) Breathing through the nose helps... Yes, I had a couple figure that out. So we had to listen and if we heard air intake through the nose they had to stop.
3)  It isn't easy, and it gets harder when we add actions to it.
4)  We aren't whales..... 

Whales have blowholes on top of their heads, so they can exhale (breath out) once they reach the surface.  We have a blowhole, out mouth.  I know not the same, but it explain it works.  

Science Time -- How strong is our breath? 
We used straws to see how powerful our own breath is.  This was great fun and keep all the children busy for a good 10-15 minutes. 

I started with a box of supplies from around my house that the children could try to move with their straw and breath. 

 What we found out --
1) Feathers are easy to move, but can't control easily.
2) Block and glass bead are hard but we can do it.
3) The pom-pom was the favorite.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Week 1 End of the week

This week we learned all about the ocean water, ocean floor, caves and crevices, plants and the coral reef.

One of the funniest things we did for our Science Exploration.  Sorry I don't have pictures of the children's reactions, they were so funny though).  We made cups of  salt water solution and had a cup of plain, drinking water.  Each of the children smelt each cup and all thought the salt water smelt "weird."  We then tasted it, one sip of the salt water, and there was a roar of "YUCK" and mouths were puckered.   The cups of drinking water were grabbed and drank, refilled, and drank more. At least I found a way to get my children to drink more water.

Here is a second Science Experiment we were working with.  I filled a bowl with room temperature water and we needed to make it freezing cold.   ICE -  the children added ice and swished the water around until the water was really cold. 
This then turned into a SINK OR FLOAT experiment -  The children did this all on there own.  I helped them gather what they wanted to try.

They tried:  PVC pipe connector, teaspoon, circle disc (we use for counting), glass bead, binder clip, spoon.  The teaspoon was fun because it floated, but if water got into it, it sunk.  Fun times, love it when these children ask their own questions and do their own experiments. 

 Lets have fun with WAVES.  Luckily, I have a large light blue sheet to help learn about waves

little waves

Cave Exploration - This was a tricky subject for my kiddos to understand.  We were talking about what the ground would look like in the oceans.  all of them said it was FLAT.  Well, not quite.  I had to explain to them that there are mountains,  volcanoes, valleys, canyons, flat lands, deserts, just like the land we live on.    There are even forest and caves.  WOW!!!

Here is a sea cave they made before snack time.

Snack time and story time was great inside their cave.  After they ate their snack they played sharks, fish and sea turtles in their sea cave. 

Movement is a must for this group of children.  They are consistently moving.  Dance and Beats has been a great addition to our days.  We have at least two or three dances during the day. For this week Ocean Commotion is their favorite song. We listened to the song first and since we are learning the letter "O" we listened hear the long /O/ sound, whenever the sound was in the song we drew an "O" on the paper.  Then we turned on the DVD player and danced along.

This is the warm up song, which the children like to also do over and over and over again



Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ocean Commotion Monday

We received our first box and today was our first day do work with the Mother Goose Time curriculum. All of April we will be learning all about the ocean, with the Ocean Commotion theme Living in Arizona, most of our experience with the large bodies of water are pools, and man made lakes. Oceans are fascinating and mysterious. We are super excited about this unit.
In our first box, The Ocean theme, there was a Welcome packet with month cards, sign language chart and this cute garden scene.  There was also Little Helper Cards, and Area (Blocks, Technology, Library, Art) Cards.  
Also a monthly Teacher guide full of work station ideas, journal prompts and each day's lesson plan.  Every activity is described and laid out for you, no reinventing the wheel.  Woohoo.  The day also has a separate student bag, with all activity pieces, art supplies (you do need to provide some).

Here is out gathering place wall.  Since we started near the end of the year it isn't as full as it could be.   The Calendar, monthly discovery picture, daily posters and The letters I have in the report board my older son had used earlier for a school project.  That way it can stay need and out of the way when not being used.    Yes, we do say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.  notice the flag on top of the board?!  My preschoolers are so cute about it too.  More on that on a later day. 

There is also a Monthly Teacher pack that has the Color, numbers, shape, letters of the month along with a cute picture poster the kids can explore.  Here are two of my children looking through the magnifying glass looking for objects.  They love this poster.   So colorful and kid friendly.  We were looking for ocean life and counted how many of each.  

We are very excited about this Ocean Theme and can't wait for all the fun ahead.